Non-combustible fireplace beams

FocusCast beams and surrounds are moulded from timber and stone beams using a high-density mineral composite. Their fire-resistant qualities allow them to be positioned closer to a stove than a timber beam.

Non combustible fireplace beams
Non combustible fireplace beams
Non combustible fireplace beams

Hand-painted by a team of experts, they are so realistic that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart from real timber or stone.

Character Beams & Stove Surrounds

With distressed edges and textured surface displaying the cracks, deep grain and knots of a characterful oak beam.

Smooth Beams & Stove Surround

Smooth straight edges and fine grain marks provide a modern aesthetic to this range of beams and surrounds.

Stone-effect Fascia Beams

Moulded from a lightly textured stone slab, these stylish cast fascia beams are a real design statement.

Tudor Beams

With strong features, the Tudor beams are cast to faithfully reproduce the character of an old timber beam.

Vintage Beams

Moulded from an authentic beam with real heritage, the FocusCast Vintage beam is very realistic and comes in two distinctive hand-painted finishes.

York Beams & Jorvik Stove Surround

An historic rafter has been utilised to craft an amazing large fascia beam and surround with incredibly detailed and characterful features.

Large non combustible fireplace beam
Non combustible fireplace beams

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