Its difficult as a consumer wanting to have a stove installed to understand what the legal requirements are for an installation and also the quality of the materials that are going to be installed.


The HETAS and Building Regs must be adhered to when your installer carry’s out your installation; most people don’t realise that there are minimum requirements and best practise recommendations, how do you know what these are, or if you need them?


We try to make your purchase and installation easy, we adopt best practise in all our installations, which is why we’re happy to maintain your stove and flue system, we’re the only installers to do this, why?


Why are we the only Guild of Master Craftsmen and Which accredited installers in Hertfordshire, Beds and Essex?

Guild of Master Craftsmen Stove Installers

The answer to both of the questions is that we want to give our customers complete piece of mind.


Do let us know if you have any questions regarding our installations, we’ll be only too pleased to answer them.

Hetas Approved Wood burning stoves in hertfordshire
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