Maintaining your stove and flue

Ensuring your stove and flue system are properly maintained for efficient operation.

“Our Lifetime Care Scheme is available to all our customers, we will service your stove, sweep your chimney and replace for free any parts that need replacing, subject to our simple terms and conditions.”

We generally recommend having the servicing performed during the summer period, well in advance of when you need to start to use your stove again in the colder months. The annual Stove Service is carried out when we sweep your chimney; we will change any seals that require replacing, replace any cracked firebricks, carry out a full inspection of the stove and clean it inside and out.

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Wood burning stoves maintenance services

We are able to offer all our customers an industry 1st “care and maintenance package”.

Lifetime Guarantee

(for stoves installed by Hudsons Stoves)

Your stove is guaranteed by us against defects arising from manufacture or from general normal domestic use as per the operating manual whilst using the correct fuel. We will replace any defective parts free of charge including parts and installations costs, subject to availability. Our guarantee does not extend any further and does not cover consequential loss, or any additional cost incurred through the defect arising.

Your chimney will have been purchased with a design life guaranteed by the manufacturer, our guarantee therefore covers the workmanship of the installation, and is subject to the same conditions for the stove as above.

The cost of the scheme does depend on which stove you have had installed, most stoves can be maintained for between £96 and £145 per year. Full details are available on request.

Maintaining your stove

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