Capital Eco Stoves

Eco design ready. Combining supreme craftsmanship with style and elegance, the perfect stove to complement every home.

Woodrow 4 Eco

Woodrow 4 Eco

Capital Savona Stove


Bassington Eco Enamel

Bassington Eco Enamel

Sigma Eco

Sigma Eco

Avebury Eco Stove

Avebury Eco

Scene Eco Stove

Scene Eco

Bassington Eco Stove

Bassington Eco Baseline

Vega Edge Eco Black

Vega Eco

Panamera Eco Stove

Panamera Eco

Eco 2020 Compliant Stoves

Eco 2022 Compliant Stoves

By January 2022 it will be law that all solid fuel appliances sold after that date have to be Eco Design Compliant. To be Eco Design Compliant, stoves will need to significantly improve emissions when compared to current stoves on the market or to open fires.

At Hudsons Stoves we recognise our part in reducing our carbon footprint and we are proud to be able of offer a range Capital Eco Stoves which have achieved the requirements of the Eco Design Regulations.

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