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Mendip Woodland Logstore SE


The Woodland stove was designed with The Woodland Trust in mind and so focuses on burning wood efficiently and cleanly. Its easy to use, multipurpose, three way  air  control  adjustment  system  means that everyone is capable of achieving optimum combustion. The tertiary air also aids post combustion of the flue gases; so ultimately, your stove will burn cleanly, creating as much energy from your fuel as possible. The woodland stove has a good size fire box for standard cut logs, the latest technology in combustion for wood, a pre heated air wash system that will keep the glass clean, for your visual.

Built with a high quality steel body and cast door the woodland stove has a nominal output of 4.5kw which will serve most internal spaces well. The radiating heat along with low distance to combustibles will help the stove fit nicely into your space with the best results.



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