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Esse 100 SE


This beautiful stove embodies everything that people love about ESSE wood-burners, on a relatively small scale. Built wide and slim, it’s the perfect choice for style and warmth if your hearth depth is on the limited side.

The black bell-shaped handle makes reloading easy (when wearing a protective mitt), while the twin position riddling grate allows easy primary and secondary air control, to regulate your fire, and enabling you to burn both wood and mineral fuel.


Construction Steel / Cast Iron
Flue Outlet Top or Rear 5″(125mm)
External Riddling? Yes
Suitable for Continuous Burning? Yes
Pre-heated Secondary Airwash? Yes
Afterburn™ System? Yes
Operating Range (depending on fuel type & settings) Up to 5kW

Efficiency Test Data

Energy Rated A
Fuel Logs / Anthracite
Output KW EN13240(ST) 5 / 4.8
Efficiency % 82.1 / 70
CO Emmisions Corrected to13% O² 0.61 / 0.36
Fuel / Hr Kgs 1.4 / 0.75
Flue Mean Temperature °C 244° / 235°



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